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Our residential HVAC, boiler, and air conditioning repair services include furnace, central HVAC, Heat Pump, and air conditioning contractor repair services in Ann Arbor, Grass Lake, Manchester, Saline, Dexter, Ypsilanti, and Chelsea areas.  Our residential boiler maintenance and cooling repair and installation along with furnace and residential HVAC planned maintenance contracts cover many areas in South Central Michigan. Smaller household boilers are serviced by our boiler repair technicians with over thirty years experience in the residential HVAC and hot water boiler industries. If your looking for air conditioning contractor services, we are always ready for your next call. Call us in the Spring or Fall to have your home prepared for each heating and air conditioning season. There is nothing like having your residential HVAC, including boilers, ready to go for the year.

Radiant hot-water-heat has made somewhat of a comeback recently. Many HVAC contractors believe this form of heat is the most comfortable and efficient on the market. Radiant floor heat, another form of hot-water-heat, is remarkably comfortable and may even allow you to dial the thermostat down a bit. For most HVAC applications hot water heat is very efficient, since it allows heat to be added to a controlled environment without air current drafts associated with forced-air HVAC systems. This reduction of "draftiness" helps radiant heat systems rank as one of the most comfortable HVAC systems available.

The biggest disadvantage to radiant heat is probably the difficulty in adding air conditioning to your home. So before you decide on the type of heat you would like to install, it would be a good idea to consider whether or not you plan on installing AC. AC will most likely be possible for homes with radiant heat, however, the expense of an AC install will be considerable. If your goal is to have the most comfortable heat available I suggest radiant. If your budget ultimately determines the type of heat your home ends up with then forced air or even a wood-burning stove may be the choice.

Consider this other aspect of radiant heat. Boiler manufactures have produced high efficiency condensing boilers for some time now. With efficiency ratings of 95% and more, consumers have a great opportunity to choose a heat that is not only very comfortable, but also now very efficient. Added to this is the comfort level of radiant heat that quite often allows a homeowner to lower their thermostat setting; providing for even greater savings on their home heating bill. So if you are in the market for a new heating system, make sure you give radiant heat a second glance.

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