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4-Seasons Ann Arbor business and residential customers have trusted their HVAC contracting needs to us for over twenty years. Natural gas furnaces and heat-pumps for residential homes as well as larger commercial rooftop systems have been serviced by 4-Seasons in Ann Arbor since 1987.  Get to know our licensed ac repair and our total HVAC contracting services for your residential or commercial heating and cooling needs.  For central AC and commercial air conditioning contractor services we believe you have come to the right place.  HVAC contracting services and refrigeration for commercial systems are performed by our licensed heating and cooling service technicians.  We are a furnace company that performs heating repair in the Jackson, Washtenaw, and Southern Livingston Counties.  As an AC contractor and furnace company we perform repair on all types of central heating systems.  We install RUUD and Bryant HVAC systems for residential and commercial installations.

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Three basic items to check before calling for service.

1)  Make sure power to the furnace is on. Usually there is a switch on the side or top of the furnace, hint: try turning the power off for one minute and then turn the switch back on. Even furnaces have computers that need to be reset for various reasons.

2)  Check for proper thermostat setting. If the thermostat is in the heat position and set above room temperature try turning the heat/off/cool switch to off and then back on.

3)  Check the manual gas valve located on the gas piping coming into the furnace. Make sure the valve handle is parallel with the gas pipe.

Hope this gets you back in operation and saves a few dollars!


Randy Koch
Owner 4-Seasons

Commercial and residential heating repair:  How to diagnose a furnace problem?  Most furnace companies install integrated furnace control boards (IFC) that lend a hand in figuring out many common problems.  However, having a proper understanding of Furnace and Air conditioning fundamentals is always the best place to start your furnace repair journey.  Call us for any questions regarding the operation of your central furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or any other HVAC system you might own.

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