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4-Seasons Boiler Repair

Our beginnings in Ann Arbor were in 1987.  Since then we have serviced and repaired thousands of our Ann Arbor customers furnaces and boilers from restaurants to residential homeowners.  We service furnaces, hot water heat, radiant heat, air conditioning units, commercial refrigeration, boilers, and R-410A high efficiency central air conditioning unitsFurnace repair, boiler repair, central air conditioning unit repair, and heat pump systems repair are part of our ongoing service to the Washtenaw, Jackson, and South Livingston communities. Experience our professional licensed heating and air conditioning contractor service for hot water boiler heating systems, furnace parts, high efficiency furnaces, and high efficiency air conditioning.  Our specialty refrigeration contractor repair services are performed on all types of systems such as ice machines and walkin coolers.  We look forward to hearing from you about your furnace, boiler, or air conditioning system repair or installation concerns.  As an air conditioning contractor specializing in the installation of Rheem and RUUD AC units we have benefited from the superior quality these units have passed down to our customers. 4-Seasons performs air conditioning unit service as well as furnace and boiler repair on all manufacture makes and models.  Our boiler repair service comes with thirty years of hydronic boiler repair experience.  Air conditioning unit replacement and new furnace installation are performed by technicians who are licensed in the State of Michigan.  High efficiency boiler, high efficiency furnace, and 16 SEER high efficiency air conditioning complexity make it necessary for todays service technician to maintain a solid fundamental understanding of new techniques in heating and air conditioning repair.  Let 4-Seasons take the worry out of your boiler, air conditioning, or furnace repair.  Call us today for courteous and reliable service. How does a furnace and air conditioning company win the loyalty of its customer’s day in and day out?  At Four Seasons Heating and Cooling we believe the two best answers to this question are “trust” and “a commitment to excellent service based on customer needs”.  Simply put, we want you to be confident that the type of service you receive will be in your best interest- Service that is professional, fair, and considerate. We have been looking out for our customers heating and cooling needs for twenty-three years and running.  This has not always been easy.  Sometimes the best decision is the most costly and not what our customer would have hoped for.  But more often than not we go home with the satisfaction that “Mrs. Allen’s furnace” has been fixed one more time and will make it through another year.  That is how we win and maintain our loyal customers.  It is also what helps us keep our conscience clear and our heads held high.  We hope it will be the reason you continue asking for Four Seasons.

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