Furnace accessories

There are many furnace accessories for the home. Two that top the list are the high efficiency filter and the whole house humidifier. Both of these products will add a measure of efficiency and comfort to your indoor quality of life. Today we will take a look at the whole house humidifier.

Quite often when a whole house humidifier is installed on an existing furnace the homeowner is able to lower the thermostat setting by two or three degrees while maintaining the same level of comfort. This same principal causes us to feel hotter on humid days in the summer. At certain temperatures humid air causes us to feel warmer. So bring the tropics with all of its warm humid air into your winter home. Maybe even plant a palm tree and imagine how terrible it must be for the rest of your neighbors living in Michigan. Or rather yet, install a humidifier and invite all of your friends over to enjoy it with you.

Here's how to start. Call a reputable heating contractor for a quote to install a by-pass type whole house humidifier. Remember to specifically ask for a by-pass humidifier. These humidifiers are the most reliable and don't require a drum spinning in a reservoir of water. Turning drum style humidifiers increase the chance of airborne impurities.

Second, make sure you do this before January. January is known for its very dry air and is also the time of year that most folks who suffer from dry skin and respiratory problems really begin to notice the lack of moisture in the air. Another bonus of doing this in December is that it can qualify as a Christmas present for the whole family.

Beth Koch