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Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to schedule a free estimate for a new or replacement furnace or air conditioning system from Johnson Controls. We are offering great savings over our normal fall installation prices. It is also a great time to schedule a furnace tune-up or repair. We are offering $90.00 fall tune-ups during the month of December. The best to you,


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The latest UKCAT test relults including 09/10 results

Blog presented by Beth Koch with permission from Ann Arbor air conditioning and ac repair specialists. Performing air conditioning and ac repair throughout the Ann Arbor areas.

Furnace accessories

There are many furnace accessories for the home. Two that top the list are the high efficiency filter and the whole house humidifier. Both of these products will add a measure of efficiency and comfort to your indoor quality of life. Today we will take a look at the whole house humidifier.

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