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When is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Many who are faced with the decision to make an expensive repair on their home furnace contemplate whether or not it’s time to replace rather than repair it. Here are some tips on how to make that decision.

Furnace Repair

Blogs on this site will cover content regarding furnace repair, Air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating contractor topics.

High Efficiency Furnace Components

Many homeowners treat their furnaces with a sort-of "monster in the basement" attitude. This is certainly understandable considering the basic commodity a furnace supplies. Fire! This is not to be confused with the "fire" one enjoys in the backyard or in lets say a barbecue where the fire is usually contained within a ring or monitored while it burns, but this is fire inside our homes; burning most often while we go about our daily motions completely unaware of its many stages of operation.

Air Quality, Humidifiers, and Air Conditioning

How much moisture does outside air possess? This question has a few answers. The first question that should be asked before giving an answer is "what is the temperature outside"? A given quantity of air will occupy a certain volume at standard atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Double the temperature and allow the space that this quantity of air occupies to increase so that the pressure of the air remains at standard atmospheric values, and the space the air occupies will approximately double.

Heating Systems Efficiency and Repair Costs

If you're like me you tend to view energy efficiency both in terms of monthly energy usage and cost; that is to say, the total amount of energy you use as well as the total amount of green stuff you fork out each year to heat and cool your home or office. So before rushing out to purchase the latest energy efficient appliance to heat or cool your home keep a few thoughts in mind:

Air Conditioning and Furnace Sizing

Just like the cars of old the conventional wisdom of the sixties and seventies was “the bigger the better” when it came to furnace size. But what is the best approach when sizing a furnace? Many customers seem skeptical when given the advice to size their furnace as small as possible. Certainly the furnace size will need to be adequate for that below zero January day but is it in your best interest to have a “454 Suburban” in your basement?

Humidifiers and Filters

There are many furnace accessories for the home. Two that top the list are the high efficiency filter and the whole house humidifier. Both of these products will add a measure of efficiency and comfort to your indoor quality of life. Today we will take a look at the whole house humidifier.

Gas Furnace Repair and Facial Hair

It had been nearly three days since my discharge from the Air Force in the fall of 1983 and I was ready to dive wholeheartedly into my new freedoms and newly formed heating and cooling business. Just yesterday, I had taken out the assumed name of “Koch Heating and Cooling” and was already facing the stairs of an old well-manicured house to greet my first ever customer. Completing the paperwork and forming the backend of the business was a small chore, however, the business ad in the local paper reeled my first customer in almost effortlessly.

Furnace Repair and Electronics

Most furnaces today have an Integrated Furnace Control (IFC) board that lends a hand in figuring out many common problems. However, having a proper understanding of Furnace and Air conditioning fundamentals is always the best place to start your furnace repair journey. In subsequent posts we'll take a look at each component of a high efficiency furnace and detail their function within the big picture of furnace operation; but first let's talk about that scary, complicated, and sometimes intelligent IFC board.

Before Calling a Heating Contractor

Three basic items to check before calling for heating service:

Make sure power to the furnace is on. Usually there is a switch on the side or top of the furnace, hint- try turning the power off for one minute and then turn it back on. Even furnaces have computers that need to be reset for reasons such as power fluctuations or improper ground connections.

Check for proper thermostat setting. If the thermostat is in the heat position and set above room temperature try turning the heat/off/cool switch to off and then back on.

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