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Radiant Hot Water Systems Versus Forced-Air Heat

Radiant hot-water-heat has made somewhat of a comeback recently. Many who have installed this form of heat consider it to be the most comfortable and efficient on the market. Radiant floor heat, another form of hot-water-heat, is remarkably comfortable and may even allow you to dial the thermostat down a bit.

What to check before you call a service company

Three basic items to check before calling for service.

1) Make sure power to the furnace is on. Usually there is a switch on the side or top of the furnace, hint: try turning the power off for one minute and then turn back on. Even furnaces have computers that need to be reset for various reasons

2) Check for proper thermostat setting. If the thermostat is in the heat position and set above room temperature try turning the heat/off/cool switch to off and then back on.

Furnace Repair

Many customers are unsure what type of furnace they have and how efficient it should run. The basic categories of forced air furnaces are: High (90+) efficiency, medium (80%) efficiency, and standard efficiency. Any furnace that has PVC plastic vent piping is at least 90% efficient and therefore belongs in the most efficient category. If a furnace is vented by metal vent piping, it is at best a medium (80%)efficient furnace, however depending on it's age, it may also belong to the standard efficiency category.